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PollyDoo and the Wild World
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23rd-Jan-2013 12:53 am - HI :)
Planet of dead sexy
Hey *waves* anyone still around? how are you all....haven't spoken to any of you in a while :)
22nd-Aug-2011 12:20 pm(no subject)
Planet of dead sexy

Lol an iPod app,I can now post random crap!

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3rd-Jan-2011 06:27 pm - Hello!
hello there


Happy 2011  :)

Been awol fom my journal  most of 2010 how is anybody?

28th-May-2010 10:39 am(no subject)
baby I'm beating out a samba
 snagged from damenellie 

Reply to this post,and I will tell you my favorite icon of yours.Then post this to your own journal using your own favorite icon.

2nd-Jan-2010 01:28 am - Ten Picspam Part 1
baby I'm beating out a samba

I'll miss him so so much, sad to see him go. It was a good episode, better than Christmas one.It'll take me a while to get used to Matt Smith (Thats if I ever do) Once you've had Tennant I don't think You could  ever go back  =P

So long Ten, we all love youuuuu!!!!
click for pictures(mostly Ten/Rose)Collapse )

click for pictures(mostly Ten/Rose)Collapse )

click for pictures(mostly Ten/Rose)Collapse )
And here's a happy note to leave you all with , this is one of my favorite scenes and songs  =D


Planet of dead sexy

Ok,so who all wants to go get a drink of water or go have a bath now?

Hey all how you been, I've no updated in agesss! :)

spoilers for the waterCollapse )
14th-Oct-2009 12:28 pm - Writer's Block: Happy go lucky
Planet of dead sexy
Do you believe some people are more fortunate than others or do you think people create their own luck? In your opinion, are some people cursed?

I believe more in karma, what you do to others comes back around, so if your unfair or treat people not too nicely, then you'll end up with a lot of dis fortune.But if you are kind and do nice things or help people, then in return you will be rewarded sometime in life for all the good you've done. I suppose that you have to take care of yourself aswell and make sure you know the situations you are getting yourself into in life , a big part of that plays on how fortunate or cursed you will be. If you go around doing bad things of course you will bring misfortune to your life.it's only a matter of time .

Random piece there , I feel like I just did a Jerry Springer's 'thought of the day'  ^_^
23rd-Aug-2009 03:33 pm - Facebook Badge
Planet of dead sexy

Paula Gillon
Paula Gillon
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7th-Aug-2009 11:21 am - away to London
Planet of dead sexy
That'e me packed and off to London , just waiting on the car getting back.I won't get online I don't think ,

could someone plz keep me posted here if I miss any Who news related or New Moon related stuff . Thanks in advance if anyone could do that  :)

Hope you are all well, see you soon :)
10th-Jul-2009 10:14 pm - Torchwood
Planet of dead sexy

SPOILERS!!!!!!Collapse )
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